Welcome to Aubry!  We are a vegan and cruelty-free accessory company and are excited to release our first collection of vegan and cruelty-free watches.  

We don’t believe that any animal should suffer for the sake of fashion, and that’s why we will never use animal leathers, skins or animal-based glues in our products.  We also don’t believe that by rejecting the use of animal products in our watches we have to compromise on style.  

Our watches are beautifully simple and designed to be worn and loved every day - and with our range of interchangeable vegan leather and stainless steel mesh straps, can be easily customised to suit your personal style. 


Aubry Watches Vegan Summer Campaign 2 

Aubry Watches Vegan Summer Campaign 3

  Aubry Watches Vegan Summer Campaign 4


Aubry Watches Vegan Summer Campaign 5