Adjusting Your Mesh Strap


If you’re thinking of purchasing an Aubry vegan watch with one of our stainless steel mesh straps (or if you already have 👏 ), you’ll be pleased to hear that the strap is not only interchangeable with our vegan leather straps, but also easily adjustable to your desired size.  Just follow the instructions below to adjust your strap to be able to wear your watch your way. Simple! 💁

1. Using a small screwdriver (or similar), gently lift up the plate clamp by inserting the tool into the small slot nearest the dial and using a gentle lever motion.  The clasp should now move up and down the strap.

2. Slide the clasp into the desired position, making sure it is positioned in one of the grooves on the reverse of the strap - you should feel it fall into place.

3. Firmly press the plate clamp back down to lock the clasp to the mesh strap.

4. You can now fasten your watch by hooking the catch over the bar and pressing shut.


    Aubry Vegan Mesh Watch 1


    Aubry Vegan Mesh Watch 2


    Aubry Vegan Mesh Watch 3


    Aubry Vegan Mesh Watch 4